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About Alluvium Water Cremations.

Welcome to Alluvium Water Cremations, the forefront of environmentally friendly cremation services. Established in 2023, we are proud to introduce a revolutionary alternative to common flame cremation methods: water cremation.

Alluvium Water Cremations recognise the growing importance of sustainable practices in every aspect of our lives, including end-of-life choices. With a passion for informed choices in death that reflect the values held in life, we have embraced this responsibility by offering a more sustainable solution that minimises our impact on the environment.

Water cremation, scientifically known as alkaline hydrolysis, utilises a gentle, water-based process to respectfully return the body to its natural elements. Instead of relying on gas-fired cremation, our advanced technology employs water, warm temperature, and alkaline salt to accelerate the natural decomposition process.

This innovative, yet gentle approach to cremation ensures that each journey is as eco-friendly as possible. Water cremation reduces carbon emissions, eliminates harmful toxins, and conserves valuable resources. We are committed to preserving the planet for future generations, and by choosing Alluvium Water Cremations, you and your loved ones can support this goal.

Our dedicated team of compassionate professionals understands the importance of providing a comforting and dignified experience during this challenging time. We offer a personalised service, allowing you to honour your loved ones in a manner that aligns with their values and beliefs. From eco-friendly urns, to a process that is not only gentle on the person, but also the planet, we ensure that every aspect of the process reflects our commitment to the environment.

At Alluvium Water Cremations, we go beyond just offering environmentally friendly cremation services. We strive to educate and raise awareness about the benefits of water cremation, empowering individuals to make informed choices and personal decisions about their end-of-life arrangements. Our team is always available to answer your questions, provide guidance, and alleviate any concerns you may have.

Choose Alluvium Water Cremations for a truly sustainable and compassionate way to honour your loved ones. Together, let us redefine the future of cremation while preserving the beauty of our planet for generations to come.

About us.

We are Brendan & Luke, the proud owners and operators of Alluvium Water Cremations, based in beautiful Southern Tasmania.

Our journey began with a shared love for our home state and a deep appreciation for its breathtaking natural surroundings. As lifelong residents of Tasmania, we have witnessed firsthand the unparalleled beauty and pristine environment that makes this place so special.

Driven by our passion for both Tasmania and sustainable death-care practices, we founded Alluvium Water Cremations with a clear mission in mind: to provide a respectful and eco-friendly alternative to flame-based cremation.

When you choose Alluvium Water Cremations, you can expect compassionate and personalised care for your loved one, coupled with a deep respect for Tasmania’s unique environment. We are honoured to serve our community, and we are committed to providing a service that reflects our love for this remarkable state.

Thank you for choosing Alluvium Water Cremations, where sustainability and reverence come together to honour the memory of your loved ones in harmony with Tasmania’s stunning natural heritage.

What we’ll do for you.

At Alluvium Water Cremations, we honour your loved one with a delicate and environmentally responsible farewell.

We are proud that our gentle, non-invasive process ensures that only your precious loved one is returned to you.

You may choose to memorialise your loved one in many ways, from simply keeping them close by through to creating something beautiful. We’ll be alongside you at every stage, supporting you to understand your options and choose what feels right.

> We’ll take your loved one into our care.

We’ll collect your loved one from their place of passing, and look after them every step of the way.

> We’ll arrange the water cremation.

We’ll begin the dignified water cremation with just our small team present, and arrange all necessary paperwork both for, and with, you.

> We’ll hand deliver your loved one to you.

We’ll return your loved one back, at a time that suits you.


Direct water cremation.

As we are not a traditional funeral service, Alluvium Water Cremations embodies simplicity, sustainability, and utmost respect.

We exclusively offer direct water cremation, eliminating the need for coffins, flowers, or other traditional funeral additions.

By placing your family’s needs at the forefront during this difficult period, Alluvium Water Cremations guarantee a deeper and more heartfelt journey. Should you require a complete funeral service alongside a water cremation, we will collaborate with the funeral home of your choice to guarantee the highest level of care throughout the entire process.

Direct water cremation


Our affordable, respectful and dignified water cremation service is significantly less costly than a full funeral service.

It includes the following:

– Transfer from place of passing to our facility

– Direct water cremation

– All legal paperwork and Death Certificate

– Return of your loved one, in person, at a time that suits you

– Support to work with a funeral provider of your choice (if required)

– Connecting you with bereavement support 

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is water cremation?

Water cremation is a method of final disposition that is available for our loved ones. The scientific name for this water-based process is alkaline hydrolysis. It is the same process that occurs as part of nature’s course when a body is laid to rest in the soil. A combination of gentle water flow, temperature, and alkalinity are used to accelerate the breakdown of organic materials.

Will we still receive ashes after the cremation?

Yes, with 20-30% more ashes than one would receive from a flame cremation. At the end of the process, the inorganic remains of the body (the calcium phosphate of the bones) resemble skeletal remains. In Australia and other parts of the world, it is customary to process the minerals into a powder for placement in an urn. This is the same processing step that is performed for the remains that result from flame cremation. Some cultures wish to keep the mineral remains as whole as possible for ceremonial burial, and because water cremation is so gentle to the remains, it is the ideal process for this purpose.

Are these ashes different from a flame cremation?

The ashes from a flame cremation are primarily the mineral remains from the bone, along with some ash from the cremation box or casket, clothing, and anything else that may have been placed in the process with the body.

The ashes from water cremation are solely the mineral remains from the bone, as there are no other materials in the ash.

Ashes produced by water cremation tend to be light in colour, and more finely powdered than those produced with flame cremation.


What actually happens with water cremation?

When it’s time for the process, the individual body is respectfully placed in a stainless steel vessel. Alkali is added to the process based on individual characteristics (weight, sex, embalming status), and the vessel fills with water. The solution of 95% water and ~5% alkali is heated to around 90°C, and gently circulated for the entire length of the process.   

At the end of the process, all material is broken down to the smallest building blocks. The sterile processed water is released (our bodies are approximately 65% water to begin with) into a tank which is either recycled by TasWater using existing water treatment infrastructure, or returned to rural land owners to support the health of our ecosystem. The vessel then performs a fresh water rinse for the equipment and remains.

When the operator opens the door, only the inorganic bone minerals remain. These minerals are processed into powder and returned to the family in an urn. This final processing step is the same process that is followed with flame cremation. 

What can be done with the ashes?

Absolutely anything that can be done with flame cremation ashes can be done with water cremation ashes.

Why do families choose water cremation?

Families have expressed:  

  • They are grateful to have a choice.
  • They prefer a process that does not use fire or flame.
  • They prefer to receive 20-30% more of their loved ones’ ashes.
  • They recognise it as a more gentle option than flame-based cremation. 
  • They value the minimal environmental impact of the process.

Why is water cremation 'environmentally friendly'?

With water cremation, there are no direct emissions of harmful greenhouse gases or mercury to the atmosphere. This process does not burn any fossil fuels. It is very energy efficient – greater than 90% energy savings compared to flame cremation, with 10% of the carbon footprint.  

Do we still need to purchase a coffin?

No. Unlike flame cremation, a coffin or casket is not used in the process. These materials will not break down in the water cremation process, nor will clothing unless it is protein-based (silk, wool, or leather). 

Can the family still have a service after the process?

Yes. Many families choose to have a memorial service or celebration of life to honour the life of their loved one and gather with friends and family.  

What happens to metal implants?

Medical implants are not destroyed in this process. The metals are clean, sterilised, and look brand new after the process.  These metals are recycled through a metal refiner to be made into new materials. The metal refineries are amazed at the pristine condition of metals from alkaline hydrolysis versus flame cremation.  

The ability to recycle metals provides an enormous environmental benefit. In fact, a 2011 study on the impact of funeral practices found that alkaline hydrolysis is more environmentally friendly than every other available option in Australia. 

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